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Sierra Incident Manager (SIM) is a web-based application that allows any organization to easily and securely track projects, customers, assets and information, resulting in improved customer service and reduced support costs.

SIM Screenshot

Benefits of SIM


Intuitive Interface

SIM’s clean interface and simple navigation makes getting started with and continuing to use SIM quick and easy.


Increase Billable Hours

Tracking time in SIM allows you to present your client with a detailed timesheet. You can also use SIM to gauge where time is being well spent or wasted, encouraging productivity.


More Accurate Quotes

SIM encourages forecasting costs more accurately by allowing you to see how much time tasks have required in the past.



You can quickly access SIM from any device with internet access.


Improved Project Management

Improve project management through access to a detailed account of how time is being spent and estimated versus actual time to quickly gauge if a project is on track.


Secure Data

SIM offers a full cloud solution leveraging Sierra’s internal redundant network operations located at Sierra Data Centers. Therefore, all of your important SIM data is stored at a safe, remote location.



SIM is a customizable solution adaptable for various industries. Commonly used in the IT industry, it is also beneficial for other applications.

Features of SIM

Our Sierra Incident Manager (SIM) allows you to provide the highest-quality and efficient service to your customers with continual communication and feedback, the ability to monitor incident status, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.